The bride wedding photography pose Raiders

You can keep the bride wedding the most perfect side, in order to show the best side, every part of the body needs to be mobilized, from head to toe can not have a shred of neglect, here to introduce the bride in wedding photography Raiders posture Guinness, let prospective brides to the United States from the beginning of your feet.


Portraits range

Portraits range
When the frame is not included in the bride’s body, it is recommended to avoid cropping photos from the joints, or make the bride look like amputees, should be taken from the site of the joints between the couple.


Face angle

Face angle
Like the front, the bride’s nose pointing to the camera. From this perspective, most brides face wide, so a round face of the bride is generally not suitable for this angle. In the three-quarters in profile, the bride’s face toward one side, not visible from the camera distal ears. This point for most brides. In the profile shot, the bride’s face with a camera 90. When shooting, moderately adjust the angle of the head of the bride, bride to ensure that the distal eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, showing a looming effect.


Shoulder angle

The bride’s shoulders generally showed a certain angle with the camera. The camera lens is on the shoulders will look wider than normal, and the photo shoot will be missing movement. Of course, if the bride’s slim, you can let her shoulders facing the camera, you can create a sense of confidence.


Head angle

Tilt the head slightly crooked nod to make swing posture looks more dynamic. When shooting the bride, the head is generally close to or away from the lens shoulders tilted higher side, of course, there are many works that do not follow this rule. The best is to let the bride choose her favorite tilt angle. Height chin chin lifted high to moderate, the eye is the most important part of the performance. Generally, when the edge of the eyelid and eye contact, eyes look best look.


Arm angle

The bride’s arms and waist to have a certain gap. This can seem bride upper body slim. Meanwhile consequent triangle composition, allowing the audience’s attention back to her face. In addition, the arm can be bent to create a compelling composition slash – take advantage of these lines, but also to guide the viewer’s gaze on the bride’s face.


Waist and abdomen angle

Waist and abdomen
So that the arm and the body at a distance, appears to make thin waist. In sitting in straight back (inward arch your back) to make the abdomen appear flat. Try to choose standing rather than sitting.


Foot angle

The bride usually confident on their shoes, but if the lens is aligned toes make feet look distorted. Let the feet and angled lens – if they point to different angles to make it better and better. One golden rule is to allow at least one foot side to be able to expose the heel.
This is the bride wedding photography Raiders Xiaobian to introduce the most complete collection of big gestures, the bride grasp these points, will have a perfect performance at the wedding shooting, showing the most touching side, becoming the most beautiful bride in front of the camera leaving a perfect freeze.

You choose the right wedding dress yet?

REVIEW: The Wedding of different materials to create a beautiful bride styles. Lace, satin, chiffon and other materials have their own unique personality. What will the bride who with a magical effect, which wedding dress the bride will get the favor of it?


Lace Material
Lace can play ordinary to extraordinary effect, brightens the whole dress, attract others attention, can make the whole wedding dress or add some lovely mature charm.


Organza material
Organza seem light and elegant, transparent, bridal wear Xian Qi full.


Silk Material
Silk dress is very smooth, the grade in the wedding scene with very texture, bright.


Wearing satin body will look very generous, very able to highlight the human temperament, body modification, let the bride show graceful posture.


White silk material
Wearing white silk body will be very elegant, bringing a hazy beauty, but also seemed more Chu Chen refined bride.

How to make a good wedding Seaview effect

20110825112841_74415Before marriage wedding photographs are very focused on new things wedding has a very important significance for the two people who love each other , so be sure to make a good job. Now many people will choose the wedding location at the beach , then how to shoot a romantic wedding with sea happy feeling it a good shot Seaview wedding need to do the following:
First , the bride makeup
Beach wedding photographs , because the beach during the day and the sun’s ultraviolet relatively strong , taking pictures of the bride makeup sweat easily , so you should try on makeup waterproof cosmetics. Bride of the foundation should not be too strong, elegant natural shades to try false eyelashes and beauty pupil to choose in advance and ready for the job .
Second, the camera movement
Beach wedding photographs focus on the beautiful and romantic feeling, so the bride and groom can take advantage of embracing , kissing and other romantic gestures , to create a picture of happiness . Holding the bride and groom at the time , do not use hand strength is too large , otherwise the veins protruding , will very much affect the aesthetics, if the bride is best not to choose relatively heavy to hold up position.
Third , the characters look
In the photo , the bride and groom have between a tacit understanding that this understanding is conveyed through the eyes out of the bride and groom or on the TV, or embracing the look together toward the distance, but can not look to their different place . To groom soulful eyes full of love taking pictures , the bride look gentle and charming .
Today Seaview wedding has become a fashion , in their romantic moments frozen in the vast expanse of the sea , is a very happy thing . Beach wedding photographs you want to , you need to pay attention to the natural environment of the sea inspection and geographical conditions , if the tourist season , we had better choose fewer tourists seaside wedding shoot